Benefit from the advantages of a stablecoin

Stability, Scalability, Privacy, Decentralization and Redeemability


Bringing the power of the blockchain to traditional asset classes


The DeCash stablecoins combine the benefits of blockchain technology with the reputation and relative stability of the classic fiat currencies.

Most cryptocurrency holders are subject to significant volatility and counterparty risk. DeCash mitigates these risks by letting users hold a stable digital asset, transparently backed by fiat reserve.


What is Tokenization?

Tokenization is the process of representing real-world assets on the blockchain. By combining the immutable record, transaction speed, and accessibility of blockchain technology with traditional assets, we can deepen liquidity and remove intermediaries across a range of asset classes.

DeCash provides a full-service tokenization platform, including smart contract creation, third-party audits, custodial services, and deep expertise in current regulatory environment.

Our tokenized assets are always backed 1:1 by collateral held in reserve accounts. We provide various reserve verification streams, including audits by a Top 5 global accounting firm, so investors are always confident that their tokens are fully backed.

DeCash Ecosystem