For payment platforms

On Chain

  • Benefit from Transparent Transactions
  • Access Markets All Year Round
  • Eliminate Unnecessary Waiting Times

Off Chain

  • Established Regulatory System & Legislation
  • Settlements via a Regulated System
  • Established Infrastructure for Institutional Investors
Cryptocurrency too volatile for daily retail purchases

Digital coins are widely considered to be too volatile for everyday purchases such as a cup of coffee. DeCash is built to be stable and attached to fiat value making personal spending easier.

Financial Sector has 225 business days per year

Cryptocurrency transactions are available 24/7 thanks to blockchain technology, with no regulation on payment initiation and no compromise on speed.

Streamlining money transfers with no middlemen

Blockchain payments remove the need for 3rd party involvement in sending peer-to-peer transactions instantly - reducing cost and dramatically improving speed.

Cryptocurrencies still subject to volatility despite advantages

DeCash tokens are unique in the way they attach themselves to major fiat currencies which are deemed as stable. This is to ensure that users can send and receive digital currency quickly and securely, removing any concern of valuation dips. DeCash is superior to other Cryptocurrencies in terms of payment reliability and value retention.

Delegated Transactions

Tokens, as we imagine them today are just fuel for applications and services on top of blockchain networks. Organizations create their own tokens (using ICOs, IEOs, etc) and run services/applications that utilize them, introducing their own micro-economy (widely known as a token economy). But almost every token turns out to be quite a complex currency itself. By design of how blockchain networks work, in order to do something with your tokens, you also need another currency — often Ether (for Ethereum) to be able to transfer tokens.

The Solution