Safe and reliable transactions on the blockchain

DeCash tokens are the first digital assets which combine blockchain transparency, security and efficiency - tied with the benefits of the worlds most traded fiat currencies.


DeCash tokens display like for like value of the respective fiat currency on the blockchain, with the stability of every token being backed 1:1 by assets held in secure reserve accounts.

Our token is supported by an ecosystem which contains liquidity providers, payment platforms, exchanges as well as asset reserves. In addition to purchasing DeCash tokens directly from DeCash, tokens can be bought on ePayments as well as being listed as a tradeable asset on exchanges such as HitBTC, Globitex and Changelly.

Delegated Transactions

Tokens, as we imagine them today are just fuel for applications and services on top of blockchain networks. Organizations create their own tokens (using ICOs, IEOs, etc) and run services/applications that utilize them, introducing their own micro-economy (widely known as a token economy). But almost every token turns out to be quite a complex currency itself. By design of how blockchain networks work, in order to do something with your tokens, you also need another currency — often Ether (for Ethereum) to be able to transfer tokens.

The Solution


Use cases

Hedging Crypto

DeCash is a stablecoin with its value attached to fiat currency, providing a safe space for hedging your Crypto portfolio.

Rapid global payments

DeCash tokens utilise the speed of the blockchain and its peer to peer workings to send funds anywhere whilst retaining initial value.

Retaining value

Store DeCash with peace of mind knowing that its safe from huge volatility swings that come with unreliable fiat currencies and unstable digital coins.

B2B and P2P

Pay anyone, anywhere, instantly! Whether you’re sending invoices or using tokens for smaller retail purchases, DeCash facilitates the sending of funds instantly - without any intermediaries.

Crypto Exchanges

With DeCash, Cryptocurrency Exchanges gain access to a reliable stable token, creating added value for customers. By providing an attractive alternative to current payment systems, financial institutions and professional investors will no longer need to deal with traditional currency delays.

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Payment Platforms

Tired of waiting for your payments to go through? DeCash lets you send and receive money within seconds. Removing any intermediaries from the transaction process gives users more control over their payments!

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